British Gas: further services and goods offered

This time around we are to introduce you to some of the extras offered by British Gas via their official homepage. What started as the oldest public utility company in the world is still one of the country’s nr. 1 providers of gas and electricity and although today it functions as part of the Centrica group, British Gas has its own management based in Staines-upon-Thames. Let’s see what British Gas has to offer for its customers these days.

Smart Home related services

Environmentally friendly and economical methods in using energy are getting not only very necessary, they are slowly bound to become an organic part of our life. British Gas is helping this movement to become more apparent by offering eco friendly products in its online collection called Smart Home products. Let’s see the what’s in the product list:

Hive active Plugs and Hive sensors: these work in addition to the Active Light and Active Heating systems and they can also be remotely controlled.


British Gas also offers new boilers and their installation for their customers and this time around one can exchange their old boiler to get a new one and this way they get GBP 200 off the price. If someone is not sure what type or sort of boiler would work the best for them, then they can book a free appointment for an expert to check out the current boiler and see what ways could the heating system be upgraded the best way. Every boiler comes with a 5 year warranty and after quote a fixed price is guaranteed. If someone cannot afford to pay for the boiler in one sum they can spread the cost from 3 to 10 years. After the instalment of the boiler it’s not only the boiler which will get warranty but the whole heating system also gets a one year warranty.

Insurance packages:

British Gas currently offers 2 main sorts of insurances: Buildings insurance and content insurance. Also one can combine the two into once complete insurance. Apart from that, there is a Landlord insurance offered for residential buildings’ landlord services.

As you can see British Gas offers much more than just the regular gas and electronic services. Visit their website for more information.