What are the services that DVLA provides?

What are the services that DVLA provides?

In this chapter I’d like to provide a brief list of all the services Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency UK provides for everyone in the area of United Kingdom.

Vehicle Tax management – direct payment of taxes referencing one of the following:

  • Ref. number from a V11 reminder
  • Ref. number from a last reminder
  • Vehicle log book serial number ( V5C)
  • New keeper’s details slip (V5C/2) following a purchase
  • Application for a log book ( V62)

This can be paid in person or bank transfer via debit, credit card or direct debit (over the phone).

  • SORN - this means to register the vehicle off the road – aka getting it out of legit, legal traffic. This is a process that needs to be done when a car did either take part in a big accident and it’d clearly irreparable or if a car simply gets too old and gets to the point to become dangerous to drive.

  • Driving license management: this includes all the necessities related to obtaining or renewing a driving license

  • Change of address: this is a purely administrative process which can be sent in online, on a postal way.

  • MOTs: this is everything that needs to be done when it comes to the annual technical test of a vehicle to prove it belongs to the road, it’s safe to drive and if not, what to get repaired to pass the test.

  • View or share driving license: this is the place you can check what you can drive, if you ever got any penalty score, you can share your driving record ( mostly car rental companies may need that)

  • Log Books (V5C) and number plates: this is all about registering a vehicle, the number plate and log books of a car. This is where you can obtain your vehicle registration certificate, inform the authorities about selling or buying a car and deal with most of the other car related procedures.

  • Selling/Purchasing a vehicle: to inform authorities regarding the selling or purchasing of a vehicle.

  • Driving tests: see what types of tests and other exams you need to pass to obtain a license. Sample texts can also be done here.

  • Health and medical conditions: check what the overall medical conditions are for one to be able to obtain driving papers You can also learn how to get the test done and what paper you need from the doctor.

Of course many of the upper mentioned categories are very brief because normally they contain such a wide array of services it would take a whole page to write about. However the list is complete as it is and these are a few of all the things you can manage at the DVLA.